Self-care: the RBG work-out!

Life can be unpredictable and chaotic, especially these days. It is important to take time for yourself. Like most things in life, self-care is on a spectrum. It looks different for each of us. Whatever you need is what it is.

In honor of RBG, this week we are focusing on exercise. (This won’t be the last time we talk about exercise either.) RBG was 87 when she died and she exercised regularly until the very end. She once called her personal trainer “the most important person in her life.”

Something that my therapist told me that has really stuck is if you feel physically stronger, you will in turn be mentally stronger and that has proven to be true. Studies have proven that aerobic exercises, including jogging, cycling, walking, swimming, and dance, reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise can help in the following areas: improved mood, better sleep, increased energy level and mental alertness, increased interest in sex, and relief from stress.

RBG got it. She knew she needed exercise to stay strong in all aspects of her life. If I ever feel too busy to exercise, I’m now going to think of her and she’ll be my motivation. So this week my challenge to you is movement. Try to exercise at least twice this week for yourself and for RBG. Here is a link to RBG’s workout that she would do twice weekly for an hour. And here is a video when Stephen Colbert worked out with RBG two years ago.

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