Self-Care: Cook Something Cozy

Life can be unpredictable and chaotic, especially these days. It is important to take time for yourself. Like most things in life, self-care is on a spectrum. It looks different for each of us. Whatever you need is what it is.

Kenzie and Fritz on vacation in Alaska just 2 weeks ago!

For me, there is something therapeutic and meditative about chopping up vegetables and making a home-cooked meal. For some, the thought of cooking sounds laborious, not worth the time, and definitely nothing to do with self-care.

Self-care is “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” What better way to do that than to cook and eat delicious, nutritional meals? Food nourishes us on all levels; it literally supplies the fuel for our body. It affects not only our physical health but mental health as well. Haven’t you ever been hangry??

At first, cooking more frequently at home may sound like a chore, but just like with all self-care it takes time and practice. Instead of seeing it as a chore, try to look at it as self-care and maybe that’ll make you feel more inspired.

Check out this recipe for tortilla soup! It’s great to make at the start of the week and have leftovers for lunch or dinner. I like to brown some ground turkey at the beginning if I’m feeling like I want some meat in it. And the best thing about cooking is that every recipe can be adapted—just use what you have and you’ll make something delicious!

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