specific benefits

Salary & Vacation

  • PGY1: $66,840; 3 weeks vacation
  • PGY2: $69,115; 3 weeks vacation
  • PGY3: $72,001; 3 weeks vacation
  • PGY4: $75,635; 4 weeks vacation
  • All residents receive 6 additional days off for the winter holidays

Professional support

The program sponsors its residents’ membership in leading professional associations including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American College of Physicians (ACP), and the National Med-Peds Residents Association (NMPRA). Residents receive an annual limited discretionary professional allowance for purchase of appropriate items. Residents are eligible for program financial support to attend regional and national conferences to present scholarly activity.

research support

Funding is available from the Med-Peds program as well as the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics to support resident research projects. Applications for funding must be submitted to the program director in the form of a written research proposal with a faculty sponsor.

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