Joel Park

Position: Community Physician

Joel Park, MD PhD

Dr. Park rose through the ranks of Brown University starting as an undergraduate, getting a Bachelor of Arts in history and a Bachelor of Sciences in biology. Remaining at Brown, he attended what was then still called the Brown University School of Medicine in a combined MD/PhD program. His graduate work combined the fields of physiology, neurology, and immunology with his PhD dissertation on The TH2 Bias in CNS Immune Privilege. Continuing with the theme of pairs, he chose a postdoctoral pathway entering Brown’s Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program. After completing residency he stepped away from the role of a professional student and joined Rhode Island Hospital’s Internal Medicine Inpatient Service (IMIS). This program is the oldest hospitalist program in the state, and he became the first hospitalist in Rhode Island to become a dedicated nocturnist. For several years, aside from the ER staff he was the only attending physician actually in-house at Rhode Island Hospital. He often notes with irony that he has essentially become a professional intern for life, but with power! Outside of medicine, he lives in Barrington, RI, raising and supporting his 7 children.



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