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Toxic ingestions: prevention and work-up!

Which health supervision visits are ideal for PCPs to discuss safe storage of medications and household products? What work-up should we pursue for ingestions? What’s the difference between a urine drug screen and a serum comprehensive drug screen?

Cervical Cancer Screening!

Rumara comes to the office at age 32yo for her first physical since age 18yo. She doesn’t think she has received the HPV vaccination. She wants to know about screening options. She also is recently divorced and hoping to become more sexually active.


What’s the difference between thyrotoxicosis and hyperthyroidism? What exam maneuvers can we utilize in hyperthyroidism? What’s neonatal Graves disease?

Emergency Contraception!

You are on clinic call. A 19yo woman calls asking for advice. She finished her last pack of birth control pills two weeks ago and did not pick up a refill. Last night she had sex with her boyfriend without using contraception. She does not wish to be pregnant. What can you recommend to reduce her risk of pregnancy?


OCPs are the most popular form of contraception overall. How effective are they? What are the contraindications? What should patients do if they miss a dose?