Emergency Contraception!

You are on clinic call. A 19yo woman calls asking for advice. She finished her last pack of birth control pills two weeks ago and did not pick up a refill. Last night she had sex with her boyfriend without using contraception. She does not wish to be pregnant. What can you recommend to reduce her risk of pregnancy?


OCPs are the most popular form of contraception overall. How effective are they? What are the contraindications? What should patients do if they miss a dose?

Proteinuria & Hematuria!

Should we ever order a screening UA on an asymptomatic child? What’s the best screening test for proteinuria in DM? What medications help control proteinuria in adult patients with HTN or DM?

GERD & Dyspepsia!

How do we differentiate reflux from dyspepsia? What are the alarm features for GERD and dyspepsia? When should we test for H.pylori?

The child with a limp

What’s the most common cause of a limp? Why is septic arthritis considered an emergency? When should we think about Lyme disease as the cause of a limp?