GERD & Dyspepsia!

How do we differentiate reflux from dyspepsia? What are the alarm features for GERD and dyspepsia? When should we test for H.pylori?

The child with a limp

What’s the most common cause of a limp? Why is septic arthritis considered an emergency? When should we think about Lyme disease as the cause of a limp?

VTE Anticoagulation!

What’s the best initial anticoagulation therapy in pregnancy? Why might warfarin lead to a hypercoagulable state? When should we be using the HAS-BLED score?

Pulmonary embolism!

Does reproducible chest pain rule out PE? How often do patients with COPD exacerbation have a PE? Is there an age-adjustment factor for D-dimer levels?

Febrile infants!

What’s the incidence of serious bacterial infections in kids <3 months-old? How does prematurity affect the rate of neonatal sepsis? Is it helpful to ask about maternal genital HSV infection?

Asthma reloaded!

How do the 2020 GINA guidelines differ from the 2007 NAEPP guidelines in outpatient management of asthma? How can we predict the likelihood of asthma in kids <5 years-old? How many patients use their inhalers correctly?